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Dressing for Australia Day

Every January our Aussie friends gear up for their big yearly celebrations and splashing some colour into the parties with their Lady Vintage dresses. Pictured is Emily Clarke, one of our customers who was a recent winner down under in her Red Rose Floral Tea Dress: "Hi there, I won fashions on the field, lady of the day in your beautiful dress :)" wrote Emily, "I had so many compliments on my beautiful dress! Thanks very much!"

We’re delighted our dress helped her win and if you would like a similar dress to Emily’s these are from our current selection.

The Reason for Celebrating Australia Day

January 26th marks Australia Day, an annual summer celebration of everything great about the country and its people. Not that we need an excuse to throw on a great party dress, but what better reason could the ladies of Australia want to make a new addition to their wardrobes?

The History of Australia Day

The term 'Australia Day' may not have become universally recognised by all states until 1935, but people were celebrating on the 26th of January since 1808.

It has been a consistent public holiday since 1994 and brings people all across the country together to celebrate everything great about Australia, including its history, heritage, and people.

What Does Oz Celebrate?

Originally celebrating the landing of the first British fleet on the shores of what was then called New Holland, Australia Day has grown to become much, much more. Every year the Australian of the Year Award and the Australia Day Honours List are announced. Across the country families, communities, festival lovers and party goers get together for celebrations, parties, barbecues and communal picnics.

Everyone and Everything

Australia Day is about much more than celebrating the past: it's about the present and the future too. Anyone can attend an affirmation ceremony where they affirm their allegiance to their country. Programmes such as the Australia Day Ambassador sees high-achieving Australians visiting their local communities to encourage others to follow in their footsteps. It's a day of partying hard, celebrating who you are and being thankful that you live in such a wonderful place!

As you can see the dress really helps Emily stand out in the crowd and her petticoat is all part of the effect. Our range of petticoats are made to the same standards as the dresses and are also competitively priced. View them here.

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