how-dresses-changed-women-50s-346 The 1950's were a time when change was beginning all over Europe, in the aftermath of WWII and preceding the sudden and drastic developments of the 1960s. Change was occurring in terms of globalisation, technology and most importantly, equality. Women started to have more freedom and power, and this brought with it a wave of new and dramatic fashions.

What began with Christian Dior's 1947 “New Look” and its tiny waistline and busty pleated skirt, sparked a fashion revolution. Dresses became shorter, sexier, showing off the legs and the waist in a way which had not been trendy before. Marilyn Monroe became the sex symbol of the 1950s with her beautiful, shapely dresses. Women were newly empowered in society, and these exciting designs were a way of showing the world exactly what they had to offer.

It wasn't only style that was changing, either. New fabrics came into the market such as nylon and polyester, which would retain their shape and design much better after home washing. This phenomenon, and the cheaper availability of clothes, allowed even those women who didn't have much money to wear the latest fashions. Every woman could feel beautiful.

The 1950's also saw hundreds of designers making 'teenage' styles which were increasingly daring and striking, something which had not been done before. The idea was that the girls would grow into women who were confident of their identity and their sexuality, wearing clothes which accentuated their natural figure and empowered them to believe they could be whatever they wanted to be.

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