To us it seems so long ago but Lady V has only been creating lovely dresses for three years and on February 14th we’ll be celebrating another birthday!

During that short time we’ve had customers who’ve found that one dress was enough, while others will buy something new every season and those who have quite literally gone to vintage town and back again.

One of these lovely ladies is Nicola Clark-Tonberg who has a whole wardrobe of Lady V. She has kindly written a blog about her dresses, what they mean to her and also added some interesting tips on accessories and how to wear Lady V at work.

My First Encounter with Lady Vintage

My first dress was a red floral Swing dress that I bought after a friend recommended Lady V. I've always loved vintage style, and my friend had asked me if a dress I was wearing that day was Lady V. It wasn't, but these days the chances are it is!

I wore it to a christening and everyone asked me where it was from. I'm a great bargain hunter, so was delighted that the sale was on, and once the dress proved a perfect fit I was soon back to buy my second dress.

When I find a dress I like I often buy it in all the colourways, and with Lady V it makes shopping really easy. As I know the styles that suit me, and I can rarely find anything on the high street, I mainly shop online.

Travelling and Buying in Style

Lady V's emails let me know when new styles and prints are in, so it's the perfect way for me to update my wardrobe with no fuss.

I have a young son, and am pretty time-poor (I work four days a week too), so shopping online is really handy: I've even bought a Lady V dress while waiting for him after a swimming lesson, and during a long car journey (Don't worry: I wasn't driving!)

I wear a Lady V dress at least five times a week. All my colleagues at work think I have a massive wardrobe, but I'm just good at mixing my dresses up for different looks. That said, I do have over 30 Lady V dresses - don't tell my husband!

However if my husband does notice I have a new dress I always tell him I've had it for ages. He does notice when I wear a Swing or Isabella dress though - he thinks those styles suit me best.

Day and Night: Sometimes Both

I’ve been known to wear Lady V all through the day. I might have a Day dress on for work, and then swap for a satin Hepburn or spotty Isabella if I'm going out. I also have recently bought two Loretta pencil dresses which are a new style for me, and feel more special as they're so different from my usual look.

I am always being complimented on my dresses, and have lost count of the number of friends I've referred to the website. I like to make an effort, and have fun wearing my dresses with different accessories and coloured petticoats. I love 'Strictly', so it's fun to get dressed up and pretend to be on the show.

The only problem is if I'm having a lazy day and don't wear my usual look on the school run everyone asks me if I'm feeling well! I help out at my son's school and all the little girls love my swishy skirts and they like to guess what colour petticoat is underneath.

Tips for Work and Ladies in a Rush

For work I like to wear a Hepburn, Day dress or an Estella with a cardie and net petticoat. I also add a belt so I can clip my security pass and not spoil my outfit.

In the winter I wear ballet flats or mary janes, and in the summer I switch to sandals, wedges or even Converse if I'm walking anywhere. The Hepburn looks really cute with Converse and a denim jacket.

When I'm not at work, I tend to wear a Tea dress which I find is better for running around after my son.

If I'm going out I switch to a bigger petticoat, or even two to get a really big skirt, and I also like to wear higher heels and fishnets for a glam look.

I try all my looks out on my mannequin first, so I can get ready quickly in the morning, or get excited about an outfit I'm going to wear on a night out.

I have a new black oriental Hepburn I'm saving for Valentine's Day - can't wait to wear it!

If I had a Magic Wand...

I would love to see Lady V introduce a gingham or cherry print dresses. I'd also like more dresses with sleeves. And, a range of neat little shirts you could wear with sticky out skirts. I recently altered one Hepburn into a skirt (don't ask what happened!) and have been struggling to find a little top to go with it.


We really love Nicola’s passion for Lady V and her inspiring tips, especially clipping her security pass to her belt and using a mannequin for quick morning dressing.

Do you have any other tips that you would like to add? Do you have a story about you and your Lady V dresses that you would like to share? If so, send us a note at and we’ll take it from there!

Lady V xx