Mocha Polka Dot Hepburn Dress
Mocha Polka Dot Hepburn Dress

Get ready for the party season! Our new Hepburn dresses are now in stock and will make this beautifully mild Autumn a very stylish affair.

You’ll find we’ve added some brand new prints, mingled with some Lady V classics and also made changes to the way the dresses are cut.

The feedback back you give us is always important, and one consistent item is that you want Lady V to standardise the dress sizes across all ranges.

So instead of looking back to a period cut, our new ranges will look forward and make a much closer match to the modern woman’s shape, but have no fear, we’re definitely keeping the vintage look!

Changes in Dress Sizes

Over the summer our highly skilled pattern technicians have been making the necessary changes and starting from this season, if you are a 14 in a Hepburn dress, you’ll be a 14 in a Tea Dress.

The only range in which you won’t see a difference is Isabella, however all the others have seen some delicate nips and tucks.

For example, with these new Hepburns we’ve made the bust an inch smaller and the waist an inch bigger.

So make sure you use the size calculator on each page when picking your dress and be assured, that the size you are, is the size of dress we sell.

Introducing Classic and New Hepburn Designs

There will be 16 fresh Hepburn dresses for you to pick from this season. Half are brand new and the others are popular Lady V designs that customers have fallen in love with.

You’ll find the patterns and colours are perfect for the afternoon and evening, helping you making a stylish impression from restaurant to party with true Hepburn grace.

We have many new dresses coming in over the next few weeks, if you want to be the first to know, be sure to sign up to our newsletter and facebook page for regular stock updates.

Black Cupcake, Blue Butterfly, Red and Green Rose, Violet and Green Rose
Left to Right: Black Cupcake, Blue Butterfly, Red and Green Rose, Violet and Green Rose