Hello Beautiful Ladies from around the world!

We have been SO busy over the past four months preparing our new website - it was so hard to keep it a secret from you all! It took over 3 months to create but we got there in the end, and we love the new look and the feedback from the Lady V “faithful” has been rapturous!

Example of Dress Size Calculator

I wanted to run through some of the amazing features the website has to offer - some of you will know most, if not all of these already, but just in case you don’t – read on!

We have a “Size Calculator” tool (right) that tells you what size you will need in each style of our dresses. This way you can be sure you are ordering the right size in your selected dress style. We love this feature – it’s actually fun to use, why not give it a try on the Hepburn dresses?

On the top navigation, you will find the “Customer Gallery” – we aim to update this every month, so please send us your images via e-mail to sales@ladyvintage.com and you might become a legend in Lady V History!

My personal favourite feature is our “Customer Testimonials” page (below).

Example of Customer Testimonials

In my opinion this addition is the most honest and open page of its type I have ever seen. We have over 30 customers with photos of themselves wearing their Lady V Dresses along with their honest comments on how they felt whilst wearing our dresses to their special occasion. I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the beautiful ladies that took the time to send us their pictures along with their stories and feedback.

Our “About Us” page is a unique and open insight into our company. It tells the story of Lady V’s origins, so it’s worth a read if you want to understand the ‘How’s?’ and ‘Why’s?’ of what we do. You will also find pictures of us! Although I am personally an incredibly shy person, I thought it only fair you all should see the faces of Lady V.

And then there is International Delivery Costs – a super easy feature to use! Simply select your country from the drop down menu and the correct prices will appear. We now have a worldwide flat postage fee, and on most countries offer both Standard and Express services.

Example of Dresses Flyout

We have a new feature when you hover over the ‘Dresses’ category, a drop down menu will appear that displays pictures of each style of dress (right). So if you are not familiar with our dress style names (Hepburn, Tea, Isabella, etc), it is now really easy to learn the Lady V terminology!

Our “Delivery and Returns” page is very simple and straight to the point. We spent a long time making sure we got all the necessary info in this section. We are sure you will find the answer to your questions here!

Finally….. Our Blog feature! This is my first ever blog post, I know it’s been a bit technical but I promise in the future most blog posts will be about the garments we make!

Wishing you all well, and hope you have a lovely weekend!

Victoria (aka Lady V)

PS – there is a clue in the final paragraph as to what my next post will be about…. Any guesses?!