We're throwing the spotlight on some of our customers and asking them to let us into their lives and wardrobes.

In this blog Ruby Jezabelred talks us through her love of Lady V, when she first encountered these dresses and how, for a tall woman, wearing these dresses made her feel like a lady.

Finally Finding Lady V

My Lady V Journey started way back in the Spring of 2012 when the company had just been born along with my second child who's now 3.

I was on the verge of an identity crisis that sometimes happens after having children and I didn't want to be seen or feel like a dowdy Mum. Pregnancy had led to body shape changes but along with differing proportions to the year before I also had the ongoing issue with my height.

I'm tall for a woman; 5'10 and I found most clothes ill-fitting with dresses from the High Street overly short and cut for figures very different to mine. I'm an hourglass, a bit of an extreme one and that had led to problems with finding anything to make me feel attractive. I tried looking for positives in my body shape and considered how to dress in a way I found flattering and feminine.

Most importantly I didn't want to be bland, my personality isn't such and I didn't want to dress in the limited cuts from special 'tall' ranges. I wanted something that would enable me to embrace my femininity, which I felt comfortable in while at the same time being versatile enough to style around the many different roles my life leads me to play.

Along with being a Mum I'm also an academic and I freelance. Random Google searches lead me to LadyV and I began to lust after the cuts of their 2012 Swing dresses.

I was dubious about ordering online but I made sure I followed the size guidelines rather than High Street equivalents, and I realised that the dress would sit different on me due to the extra height.

The First Dress in the Collection

My first dress was made of a fabric containing Blue Tits (I still have it, with dreams of giving it to a granddaughter one day) and I was blown away. It sat just at my knee (remember I'm tall) but it was beautiful. I wanted very much to feel beautiful and like a lady and this dress did just that. In fact, every dress I've ordered since has done just that.

Later that same year I quickly tried the Hepburn with their conservative neckline and longer length they were great for formal times and looked great with up dos.

Between the two styles I began building an extensive collection in eye catching colours and increasingly bold floral fabrics. The lengths in the dresses were different but I had a notable waist in the right place and most of all they were comfortable enough and practical enough to run around after two small children while still feeling pretty.

2013 saw me fall in love with the 1940's evening dress. I wish with all my heart that an updated style of this dress returns. Its bust and waist detailing were so flattering as was the length on my tall frame.

My favourite was the navy with silver bird print, it was simply elegant. In that I have lots of great memories of dating my husband post children. It came with us on a romantic getaway to Edinburgh, as well as trips to vintage fairs, tearooms and museums.

Getting Mum Involved

That year I also introduced my Mum to LadyV with me gifting her an dress to wear to my cousins wedding where we both wore LadyV dresses.

It was something different to what she'd normally go for so I surprised her with it (a surprise I recently did again with the black cupcake Estella). My Mum has also worn her dresses to different occasions and loves the compliments she receives.

It's lovely to receive the attention these dresses always bring; I've had people stopping me in the streets and at Arts Festivals asking me ' Where is your beautiful dress from? '

They are different and look fantastic on all the women I've seen them on regardless of size, shape and age. This reason alone is why I keep coming back.

In the past year I've continued my love affair with the Hepburn and more recently the Isabella. Certain styles I have tried and didn't suit me (notably the Tea dresses) this was because I have a long body and the cut of the dress didn't sit right, however they have all been beautifully made.

My extensive collection has served me well with their versatility shown in the ways I can wear them across the seasons and at occasions ranging from the formalist of dinners, to conference presentations, school runs and trips out with the kids.

As you can tell from my photos, I'm not a fashion blogger or stylist, I'm just a Mum who wanted to dress outside the box and feel beautiful again. Thank you for helping me along that journey.