If you love shopping, want a bargain and live in the UK you'll no doubt have your mind set to the Boxing Day sales.

In America they have a similar event called Black Friday and falls the day after Thanksgiving.

It's been the busiest shopping day of the year in the States since 2005, as thousands of shoppers cram into the biggest stores to grab some truly amazing bargains and walk away with lots of amazing gifts for the holiday season.

Over the past few years Europe has been getting in on the act as well, so we're joining in! Our Black Friday Sale is on until midnight strikes on the west coast of America.

So come on you lovely ladies, dive in a grab a bargain.

Why Black Friday?

The term Black Friday originated in Philadelphia and referred to the huge amount of traffic blocking the roads after Thanksgiving.

With the sales, it came to refer to the fact that retailers would make a profit, and so be 'in the black'.

Thanks in part to big American companies like Amazon and Apple, as well as the Walmart-owned Asda, Black Friday sales are becoming well established in the UK.

In fact this year we're expected to spend £6,000 every single second – that's over £1million every three minutes!

It has become as excuse for a pre Christmas blowout and if those fantastic Christmas party invites are falling through the door, or you'd like something lovely for Christmas Day with the in-laws then treat yourself to a Lady V bargain today.


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