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made in london since 2012

made in london

All “Lady Vintage” dresses are designed and manufactured in the heart of London as we strongly believe in supporting local British Businesses and British Workers. We are proud that our dresses are made in the UK’s capital and that we are able to provide work for many people in our country and support the British economy.

Manufacturing in London means that we are able to liaise directly with the workers, and oversee quality control ourselves – which is one of the many reasons by Lady Vintage Dresses are such high quality! Having “Lady Vintage” made in London also means we are able to introduce new dresses, and restock popular dresses more frequently. With your support we can keep Lady Vintage in London and help boost London’s clothing manufacturing industry.

our dress making process
  • step1

    Step 1. Choose a pattern

  • step2

    Step 2. Marking the fabric

  • step3

    Step 3. Prepare the cutting machine

  • step4

    Step 4. Sergio cuts basic shapes out of the fabric

  • step5

    Step 5. Precise cutting is used to achieve the final shape

  • step6

    Step 1. The cut fabric is stitched together

making clothes in london
for three generations

The London clothing trade has been a part of Sergio’s family for three generations, spanning six decades. Sergio’s grandmother, Christalla, travelled all the way from Cyprus to London in 1953, at the age of just 21 on the promise from a friend (who she conversed with only by letter) that she would be able to get a job in a factory in Warren Street, making garments for Marks & Spencer. Having never left Cyprus, or ever having gone overseas in any way, Christalla spent 10 days on a ship (on her own) on the way to her new life. Using only the skills she had been taught by her mother, Christalla spent fifteen happy years working in the London factory, and still owns her ‘Singer’ sewing machine!

Sergio’s other grandmother also travelled over from Cyprus and worked in the ‘rag’ trade her whole life in London, working in some of London’s oldest clothing factories. She set up her own mini brick built factory at the bottom of her garden, where she made clothes for some of the high street’s best known names that are still in business today!

Sergio’s father worked for over 25 years as a freelance pattern cutter, and also owned a factory in the heart of East London himself. Sergio’s uncle is still a pattern cutter today for one of the biggest labels in the UK.

In the mid-90s nearly all of the factories manufacturing garments in the UK were forced to close due to other countries joining the EU and trade becoming much cheaper abroad. As a result a lot of highly skilled workers lost their jobs. Lady V London is determined to bring the skilled workers back to work in London, and have invested in the future of London garment manufacture.

manufacturing quality british clothing

Making “Lady Vintage” in London culminates three generations worth of high quality women’s garment manufacture in London – a desire that has been particularly close to our heartssince the very beginning of Lady V London. When you buy from our new Lady Vintage range, you know that you are supporting a British Brand, a British Factory, and British Workers.

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