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The History of Plus Size Dresses

At Lady Vintage we believe good looking clothes should available for every shape and size, but if you took a snapshot of any fashion magazine from the past 40 years you would come to the conclusion there is only one shape women come in.

That concept is being turned on its head and with our latest Plus Size Collection we're adding a fantastic selection of patterns and designs in sizes bigger that ‘catwalk'.

But if "Plus Size" is a new term to you, the general rule is that it starts at 14 in the UK, size 40 in Europe, size 12 in the US and size 16 in Australia. Here's a little history...

Older Than You Think

It may seem like a recent trend, but plus size fashion has always been around. In the 1920's it was marketed as clothing for stouter women and wasn't as colourful as today's designs. Although the voluptuous women of stage and screen looked fabulous their clothing, it was tailor made and the corset was used to the max.

The Skinny 60's

So what changed? Plus size fashion began to disappear in the 1960s, around the time when slender models such as Twiggy were redefining ideals of female beauty. Suddenly curvy was out and thin was in, and sadly plus-size fashion became sidelined. But since the 1990's it has been making a triumphant comeback!

Elegant Plus-Size Style

Plus size dresses are designed to give curvier women their own unique style and accentuate their figures. Here at Lady Vintage, you'll find a fantastic selection of retro fashion dresses all the way to size 28. Choose from a wide range of beautiful prints and designs, all made in London from the highest quality fabrics.